Welcome to Off Shore Sail Racing on Southern Lake Michigan

Area III - 2018 Season

We are a division of LMSRF which is our region's rep to US Sailing

Our contribution to "Fostering racing competition among wind-powered sailing yachts"
is to provide a regional structure to the racing environment.

This increases participation by:

  • Providing the racer with a standard means to signup up and participate in races from the various yacht clubs.
  • Providing a forum for the yacht clubs to coordinate their schedules and spread the events throughout the season.
  • Making it easier for the yacht clubs to sponsor races by handing signup, fee collection, scoring, protest handing, and publication of results.

We do not run or schedule the races; the yacht clubs do.
We do not set the LM-PHRF handicaps; LMPHRF does.

Area III Steering Committee contacts (see for registration contacts)
#posted on 2018/05/21 13:31:03 by draper, Don Ray Draper.
This is the Area III registration site for 2018.
It will open as soon as the schedule, NOR, and GSI are updated.


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  • Signup your boat up to race / Join LMSRF. Closed for the season.
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  • Enter results / Administration. Race Committee and Area III Reps only!
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    • Notice of Race Official
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    • General Sailing Instructions Official
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    • Special Sailing Instructions Out-Of-Date
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    • Boat of the Year NOTICE OF SERIES Out-Of-Date
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    • On-the-Water Guide for Race Committees
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