Jackson Park Yacht Club

                                Bi-State Race; 09-02-11

                                6400 Promotory Drive, Chicago IL





1. ORGANIZING AUTHORITY:  The organizing authority will be

    Jackson Park Yacht Club (JPYC).


2. RULES:  The race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-



3. ENTRY:  Entry forms on Area III website. Left hand lower corner stating “other events hosted by SailYachtRacing.  Entry deadline:  Thursday, Aug 30, 2012   @ 11:59 hours.  Late registration needs to contact Janet Hansen @ 773-233-5520.


4. ELIGIBILITY:  Open to sailboats in accordance with RRS 75.1a.


5. SCORING:  The one-design fleets will be finished with the time of first              

  boat finished and subsequent sail # order. The appointed measurer for the                       

  individual fleets will be the fleet’s measurer for this event.

  All other sails will be scored by section using LMPHRF scoring.  For an additional fee, you can also be scored ORR.


6. GENERAL RACING RULES:   LMSRF Area III 2012 General Sailing

    Instructions (GSI’s) will be followed.


7. STARTING/FINISH AND TIMES:  Start will be at 08:00 CDT outside

  of  St. Joseph harbor entrance. Finish will be at SA 8.  Exact latitudes and longitudes will be in the Special Sailing Instructions (SSI).  Complete Starting sequence and finish time limits will also be in the SSI’s.


8.  Prizes:  Brag flags will be awarded for the first three (3) finishers of each section at the CYA Ball.